Firehaus presents…


Beth Pope
Founder and Brand Partner

From the first sparks of Firehaus, Beth’s astute thinking has been invaluable in turning a loose idea into a business. Super-smart and super-driven, in the time I've known her, her point-of-view has been constantly sought by clients and colleagues alike. She has an uncanny knack of immediately getting to the heart of the business problem yet never lets her laser-sharp focus get in the way of truly creative thinking. I’ve got a lot to learn from her. By Nick


Ian Bates
Founder and Creative Partner

You expect a creative person’s influences and passions to be multifarious. Even by these standards Ian’s often surprise me, bringing a freshness to so many of our conversations: the landscape of Crete; ancient Minoan culture, Syria, electro-pop, Maya Angelou, Byzantine Chant, Howard Gossage. Funny, driven and gently self-deprecating in equal measure, to see him energised by ideas and igniting the sense of possibility in others is always a joy. By Beth


Nick Barthram
Founder and Strategy Partner

Nick's a thinker. Naturally bright he questions, challenges and pushes the boundaries. I’ve always admired his approach. No ego, no edge, just a quiet confidence and a huge passion for what he does. Highly motivated and committed, he leaves no stone unturned in pursuit of excellence, inspiring me to think outside the box. The collaboration is great because of our shared values and vision for doing things differently. By Sarah


Sarah Platt
Founder and Finance Partner

Her mum’s a fashion designer. Her dad’s a graphic designer. So the obvious choice for Sarah was to become an accountant ;-) We’re glad she did, combining her tremendous skills with a desire to build and support a creative culture. Must be something in the family. Kind, thoughtful and full of common sense, she’s undeniably brilliant at adding up... but her integrity and humanity make her indispensable. By Ian


We’ve cultivated brands, revived brands and launched brands. We’ve taken brands into new channels, made exponential improvements to campaign effectiveness, increased engagement and simplified processes. We’ve nurtured data-segmented personalised comms from planning to execution, pioneered the introduction of multi-channel content and helped brands make sense of their technology. We’ve made sluggish social platforms perform and integrated multiple skill-sets to forge dynamic teams. And we’ve helped launch, lead and build a bunch of agencies, working in domestic and international markets. Developing talent. Improving the work. Winning awards. We’ve learnt from everyone (thanks guys), but always challenged ourselves to be better, adopting a growth mindset while dodging complacency.

And now Firehaus.

The most important thing we’ve ever done.

Independent. Focussed. Collaborative. Flexible.

Creativity Applied to fuel competitive advantage.

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