Firehaus launches to ignite the full potential of brands.


Today, we’re proud to present our new creativity consultancy, Firehaus.

We passionately believe that creativity fuels competitive advantage. So we’re here to offer fresh perspectives to brands, agencies and startups who feel their full potential is yet to be realised.

We are…

  • Beth Pope, Founder and Brand Partner

  • Ian Bates, Founder and Creative Partner

  • Nick Barthram, Founder and Strategy Partner

  • Sarah Platt, Founder and Finance Partner

We’re independent in our ownership and thinking.

We get data. We get tech. We get media. But most of all, we get that brands need ideas to make them matter to people who are increasingly switching off. Too many brands have either forgotten why they exist or never really knew. We believe this has to be resolved if they’re to compete, let alone succeed.

We’re also proud to take our place in the blossoming Bristol cultural vibe, independent of the London-centric agency bubble. We’re genuinely technology and media neutral too - doing what’s right by our clients rather than an agency profit centre. And as we have no vested interests in any particular channel or format, our solutions are transparent.

In our Haus there’s only ever one objective – giving brands an edge.

We’re structured for creativity.

Short-termism and lack of focus has led to creativity largely being reduced to implementation. We’re shifting the discussion back to creativity fuelling competitive advantage to solve the big challenges.

Our commitment to radical collaboration is exemplified by our evolving Crew of thinkers and activists that go beyond the usual agency set up. By unshackling diverse, complementary talent we riff on each other’s expertise to create innovative ideas for you.

We think differently and we behave differently.

We’re big when you need us to be, small when you don’t and there’s a strong commercial component to our flexibility. We’ll never let fleeting trends and trinkets distract us. Our mission is to apply creative thinking to forge strategically robust ideas that give you a real advantage.

We’re collaborative because that’s the only way to be.

We know where we fit into the ecosystem of client teams, data and technology partners and agencies. So we provide a valuable sounding board for internal teams who want an objective input. After seeing too much energy wasted in agency land-grabs, often brought about by commercial pressures, we think it’s time for a refreshingly honest approach.

We’re launching Firehaus with four core products, including Creativity Exchange training and mentoring to fire-up the flagging or forgotten energy in the people behind your brand. We’ve also developed Haus on Tap, a subscription offering for businesses who’d like to access senior-level thinking without committing to big network retainers.

Firehaus is forged from conviction, not convenience.

Welcome to the Haus. Let’s make Fire.

Nick Barthram