We believe creativity fuels competitive advantage.


Firehaus is a creativity consultancy.

We bring fresh perspectives that ignite the full potential of your brand.

If you’re the category leader or the wily challenger, basking in the glow of marketing effectiveness, driven by brand communications people love... congratulations. We salute you. We’ll love your work too.

If not, we’re for you.

There’s a battle going on. Powerful technology platforms deployed. Real-time data analytics primed. Efficient message distribution optimised. But it turns out people are feeling stalked and bombarded. Trust is eroded. Attention is hard to win. Affection, just a dream.

So let’s ignite your brand by making it useful, interesting and entertaining. Solve the tough challenges that are holding you back by applying the greatest tool we humans have at our disposal.



Welcome to the Haus.
Let’s make Fire.


Creativity Applied.

Few things are more rewarding than seeing the birth of a great creative idea. We just get there in a different way – bringing together diverse talent beyond the usual agency set-up. Then we apply these dynamic combinations to solve your brand’s real-world challenges.

We’re structured for creativity. Our Partners and Crew commit to radical collaboration, sparking innovative ideas that give brands a competitive edge.

We’re independent in our ownership and our thinking. Technology and media neutral, we do what’s right by your brand rather than an agency profit centre.

We’re focussed on creating strategically robust brand ideas.

We’re collaborative because we know where we fit into the ecosystem of client teams, data and technology partners and agencies.

We’re flexible, big when we need to be, small when we don’t.

What we deliver.

The Brand Idea

We define the idea that burns at the heart of your communications. Breathing life into data and technology and giving purpose to media beyond efficient distribution.

Ideas from the brand

We ignite activation ideas rooted in your brand, that demand attention and find a role in people’s lives. Keeping your brand consistently front of mind in a competitive world.

Creativity Exchange

We build your teams and develop your leaders with inspirational training and mentoring. Increasing the energy and engagement of the most important part of your business - the people. Find out more.

Haus On Tap

We assist with one-off projects like workshops and planning sessions and our expert speakers can add sparkle to your events. Or, if you’d prefer our services on demand, subscribe to Haus On Tap.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.